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  1. Hello hm bowker!! That is so amazing!! I definitely will get your book! Maybe I could send it to you and you could autograph it for me?
    Julie sent me your message! Sounds like you are all doing awesome!!! I saw the post on fb from Clara! I did friend request you also! Take care good to be in touch on fb! Jenifer

    • Hi Jenifer Mancuso,
      How very nice to hear from you after so many years! Thank you for your message. You are most welcome to send your book for my autograph! You and Julie are very special to our family, you know–we miss your wonderful grandparents, too. Sally and George made an amazing difference in our lives, as well as our kids.
      I hope you will keep in touch! Please give my best regards to your family. And please pardon my late response. I’ve been researching for my sequel in Iceland and Ireland–great trip!
      Please take good care of yourself. I look forward to hearing from you again.
      H. M. Bowker